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Plugin based Resources-Provider concept

c# localization. ASP.NET localization. Babylon.NET - .NET localization tool.
  • Babylon.NET offers two project types, Generic projects and Visual Studio projects.
  • Visual Studio projects directly parse the VS project file to find all resources and offer features especially tailored to .NET.
  • Generic projects use ResourcesProviders to read and write resource strings to and from any source. By writing a custom ResourcesProvider string resources in any format and location can be accessed
  • ResourcesProvider can also be used in complex projects to merge all resource strings from different develpoment plattforms into a single Babylon.NET solution.

Powerful grid editing

c# localization. ASP.NET localization. Babylon.NET - .NET localization tool.
  • Babylon.NET offers a modern, simple and intuitive user interface tailored to the localization process of software applications.
  • Displays all or selected languages in one grid view with one column per language.
  • Translations can be directly typed into grid cells. The invariant language can also be edited to correct eventual spelling errors, inconsistencies or punctuation errors.
  • Red-underlining spell checker directly integrated into the grid editor.
  • The grid offers sorting and filtering functionality on every column as well as grouping by one or more columns.

Translation and Quality status

Localize C#, VB.NET, Windows.Form, ASP.NET, ASPX, Silverligt, Windows Phones
  • Babylon.NET uses two separate states for each string and translation. The combination of the two states allows the management of the localization process and quality over various product releases, with external translators and using automatic translation and translation memory.
  • The Translation State (To be translated, Partially translated, Translated, Changed, Do not translate) indicates whether a string still needs to be translated into one or more languages. Whenever a strings has been changed in Visual Studio, the translation state of the string will be set to "Changed" for all translations indicating, that the translations need to be checked for changes and eventuelly re-translated.
  • The Quality State (To review, Auto translated, Approved, Warning, Error) tracks the quality of a translation. Automatic translations are automatically set to state "Auto translated" to clearly indicate, that they need to be reviewed. Your localization is concluded when all the stings reach quality status "Approved".
  • Optional background coloring depending on Translation/Quality state.

Windows.Forms Preview

Localize C#, VB.NET, Windows.Form, ASP.NET, ASPX, Silverligt, Windows Phones
  • Form Preview will show a preview of the form to be translated just like it is shown in Visual Studio. Any translation is immediately reflected in the preview giving immediated feedback about the quality of the translation.
  • Babylon.NET parses ResX files and .designer.cs/vb files and recreates the form in memory. This makes sure over 99% of forms will display correctly even if third party UI components are used.
  • Forms are fully functional. Dropdowns can be opened, tab pages navigated, it is even possible to type text into textboxes so that a true test of the form is possible.

Direct Generation of Satellite Assemblies

visual studio localization, visual studio localization tool, .net localization
  • Babylon.NET directly generates Satellite Assemblies from a Bablylon.NET solution. This means you no longer have to manage ResX files for every language in Visual Studio. With Bayblon.NET only the invariant language remains in the Visual Studio project. All localisation takes place directly in Babylon.NET and localized files don't need to be imported back in Visual Studio since Satellite Assemblies can be generated directly by Babylon.NET.
  • Generation of signed Satellite Assembly fully supported.
  • Whoever tried to localize even a small to medium sized C# or VB.NET project in Visual Studio knows how painful this is. The tool support is non existent and Visual Studio has the bad habit of loosing translations or reverting them to an earlier state. Lots of ResX files also impair the performance and stability of Visual Studio. Do yourself a favour - do not localize in Visual Studio!

Write ResX files

.net resource files best practices, aspx localization
  • Once translation is completed the resource strings can be written back to the Visual Studio project. Babylon.NET will automatically generate valid resource strings for every language and also update the invariant language.
  • While the preferred way to localize C# and VB.NET projects is to directly generate Satellite Assemblies in certain situations it is usefull to write resource files for all langauages and use Visual Studio to build the project with all associated satellite assemblies.

Automatic Translation

c# localization. ASP.NET localization. Babylon.NET - .NET localization tool.
  • Babylon.NET supports automatic translation via Bing Translator or Google Translator. Simply select the source and the target language and all not yet translated strings will be translated automatically.
  • The quality of automatic translations is not nearly good enough to be used without reviewing the results. However, starting from scratch or starting with pre-translated strings makes a huge difference. Even though every other translation generally needs to be corrected, there are several cases (single words, simple sentences etc.) where translations are OK. In all other cases it is still easier and faster to fix a grammatically incorrect sentence than to translate the sentence from scratch.
  • Automatic translation can also be used to get a quick overview of how your software looks and feels in a new language.
  • The build in pseudo Translator will help you check whether your application is ready for localization.

Translation Memory

Localize C#, VB.NET, Windows.Form, ASP.NET, ASPX, Silverligt, Windows Phones
  • Translation Memory allows you to store approved translations from one or more projects into a translation memory file. The translation can then be used in a localization project to automatically translate new strings. This will help improve localization consistency and also speed up the localization process.

Translation Outsourcing

Localize C#, VB.NET, Windows.Form, ASP.NET, ASPX, Silverligt, Windows Phones
  • Outsource your translations to an external translator. Babylon.NET let you create and manage translation jobs for all your translations.
  • A translation package, containing everything the translator needs, is created for each translation job. A translation package is just one file and can easily be sent via email.
  • Using the free Babylon.NET Translator Edition the translator opens the translation package and does the translation.

String Extraction from Source Code

Localize C#, VB.NET, Windows.Form, ASP.NET, ASPX, Silverligt, Windows Phones
  • String Extraction is a real live saver if you need to localize an application not developed using resource strings. String Extraction scans all the source code for string literals and displays them in a grid so they can be selected to be converted into resource string in a ResX file. The source code is automatically changed to read the string from the generated resource string.
  • String Extraction can also be used to quickly verify if source code contains string literals that need to be moved to resources.

Project Statistics

c# localization. ASP.NET localization. Babylon.NET - .NET localization tool.
  • Project Statistics shows the status of a localization solution at one glance.

More features

  • Complete set of command line functionality for comprehensive build process integration.
  • Source Code Management Integration.
  • Built in Verifier to check for common localization errors and problems.
  • Automatically remove unused strings from a project in order to save translation time and costs.
  • Review Wizard for quality control. Offers a special dialog to quickly review and change status to all non yet approved translations.
  • Search strings.
  • Multilevel Undo/Redo.
  • Support for Custom Cultures.
  • Export and import to and from MS Excel.
  • Export/Import the Translation Memory to and from TMX files.
  • Swap locales
  • Batch copy selected strings from one locale to another.
  • Directly reads Visual Studio project files to start a new translation project.
  • Supported project types: Windows.Forms, ASP.NET, WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone Apps, WinRT Apps and all other project types working with ResX files.
  • Supports localization of C# and VB.NET projects.
  • Import and Export your strings using included Resourceproviders for XLIFF, JSON, Java .Properties and XML files.
  • Plug-In architecture for custom written ResourceProviders.
  • Offers a modern, simple and intuitive user interface tailored to the localization process.
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