Babylon.NET - A localization tool for developers

Simple - intuitive - productive - Localization has never been easier.


Localize applications written in any programming language

Localize your applications written in Visual Studio C# / VB.NET using a Visual Studio Localization project. Unique features such as Form Preview, Source Code Extraction and Satellite Assembly Generation take all the hassle out of localization and help streamline the localization process.

Localize Applications, Web Applications and Apps written in Java, Javascript, TypeScript, Angular, Python, C++, Delphi, Swift, Ruby or any other programming language and environment using a Generic Localization Project. Resource strings are imported and exported to and from Babylon.NET using ResourcesProvider. Go with the included ResourcesProvider to keep your strings in XLIFF, JSON, XML or Java .Properties format. Or use your own file format by writing a custom ResourceProvider.
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Why choose Babylon.NET ?

  • It is targeted to developers only.
  • It offers great build process integration.
  • It lets you choose the format and storage of your string resources by writing your own ResourcesProvider.
  • It offers a dual status model (translation and quality) perfectly supporting a continuos localization cycle.
  • It makes it really straigtforward to outsource translations to translators.
  • It will save you a lot of time and make localizationa a breeze.
  • It offers great value for money. Compare us to our competitors!

Features Highlights

  • Outsource translations by creating a translation package and send a single file to your translator.
  • Automated translations via an interface with Google Translator and MS Azure Translator
  • Sophisticated command line commands for build process integration
  • String literal extraction from source code and automated ressource generation.
  • Pseudo translator
  • Automatic verifier checks for common problems during localization such as inconsistent translations, string.Format placeholder errors or punctuation errors
  • Translation Memory to reuse translations across versions and projects
  • MS Excel export and import
  • Directly reads Visual Studio project files to start a new translation project
  • Synchronizes changes in the Visual Studio project with the translation project at any time
  • Direct generation of satellite assemblies. Stop resx files cluttering your Visual Studio project.
  • Preview for Windows.Forms displays over 99% of forms exactly as designed.
  • Writes localized resource strings directly to the Visual Studio resource files
  • Supports the XML Localization Interchange Format - XLIFF
  • Free "Translator" edition can be given to every translator working on the project
  • Offers a modern, simple and intuitive user interface tailored to the localization process
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