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Software localization tool for your .NET application

Babylon.NET is the fast, simple and friendly .Net localization tool for localizing .NET applications created using Visual Studio. Since Babylon.NET focuses only on Visual Studio .NET projects it is much simpler and more intuitive to use than other localization software and offers features specially tailored to .NET and Visual Studio projects.

Babylon.NET can be used to localize all types of Visual Studio projects (Windows.Forms, ASP.NET, ASPX, WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone Apps, WinRT Apps). Localize C# or VB.NET.

Babylon.NET - .NET localization tool. c# localization. ASP.NET localization. Localize C#, VB.NET, Windows.Form, ASP.NET, ASPX, Silverligt, Windows Phones

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Features Highlights

  • New: Completely rewritten preview functionalty for Windows.Forms displays over 99% of forms exactly as designed.
  • New: Preview Packages contain all information to correctly display a form preview in one single file and allow translators to correctly preview forms while translating.
  • New: String literal extraction from source code and automated ressource generation.
  • Group all translation projects for all assemblies making up your product into a single Babylon.NET solution.
  • Outsource translation by creating a translation package and send it to your translator.
  • Directly reads Visual Studio project files to start a new translation project
  • Synchronizes changes in the Visual Studio project with the translation project at any time
  • Writes localized resource strings directly to the Visual Studio resource files
  • Supports the reviewing process of the localization by keeping track of the quality status for every single recource string in every locale
  • Automatic verifier checks for common problems during localization such as inconsistent translations, string.Format placeholder errors or punctuation errors
  • Command line arguments for build process integration
  • Direct generation of satellite assemblies. Stop resx files cluttering your Visual Studio project.
  • Review Wizard supporting the review process of localized strings
  • Automated translations via an interface with Google Translator and Bing Translator
  • Pseudo translator
  • Translation Memory to reuse translations across versions and projects
  • Automatically remove unused resource strings
  • MS Excel export and import
  • Free "Translator" edition can be given to every translator working on the project
  • Offers a modern, simple and intuitive user interface tailored to the localization process
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